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Dentures Explained


There are a few options when it comes to replacing missing teeth, one of the more cost-effective ways is a denture. A denture is custom-made from typically acrylic resin, metal or a combination of both materials and is a suitable substitute for most ages. There are many different types of dentures, such as:

Full Denture – Is for patients who have lost all their teeth in their upper and/or lower jaws. It is moulded to the gum ridges (and palate if upper) for a perfect fit. Not only does a denture replace the missing teeth it also helps to support the lips and cheeks giving a fuller and healthier look to the face.

Partial Denture – Is recommended when the patient has one or more, but not all, teeth missing in either the upper or lower jaw. It is usually held in place with clasps that hold onto existing, healthy teeth.

Implant-retained Denture – This is an alternative to the full denture. It is held in by dental implants which are retained in the jawbone. This denture can still be removed for cleaning.

It is important to note that even though dentures are custom-made to your mouth they do take some getting used to, if your denture still doesn’t feel right after some time it may need an adjustment. It is also important to still see your Dentist even if you have no more natural teeth, regular checkups will ensure your denture/s still fit well and also examine the mouth for signs of oral cancer or other conditions, such as oral thrush.

Here at The Happy Tooth, our prosthetist (denture technician), Jon, creates natural-looking dentures that help patients with eating, speech and having the confidence to smile again. If you’ve ever thought about replacing a missing tooth/teeth we can help you find the right denture for you, book a consult with Jon today!

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