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Dental Check-Up

We offer thorough dental check-ups and professional teeth cleaning for healthy, happy teeth and gums for life.

At The Happy Tooth, we are committed to promoting good dental health for adults and children.

We aim to help our patients achieve and maintain their best possible oral health and happy smiles for life.

Whilst an unfortunate analogy, like your car, regular services prevent major breakdowns. Having a regular dental check-up is far more cost-effective than allowing an otherwise minor problem to develop into a problem needing major treatment. 

We recommend you have a dental check-up every six months. It is never too late or too early to adopt this. Children as young as two years can also benefit from regular and ongoing dental check-ups. Thanks to modern dentistry, visiting the dentist for a check-up has never been more simple or comfortable. Our team of gentle dental professionals go above and beyond to ensure every dental check-up is a positive experience.

What to Expect During A Dental Check-Up 

Our dentists take the time to get to know you and listen to any concerns you have with your teeth or gums. When you come in for your first dental check-up at our practice, here is what you can generally expect: 

Oral Examination 

This part of the process allows your dentist to develop a good understanding of your current oral health. They will examine your teeth and gums and review your medical history. This examination will include dental x-rays if you don’t have any less than 6-12 months old. Dental x-rays allow your dentist to go beyond the surface in identifying any potential issues like cavities or impacted wisdom teeth. Your oral assessment will also include your dentist checking your tongue, head and jaw, and taking clinical digital photographs.

Your dentist will then explain the findings of their oral assessment and will provide you with a personalised treatment plan. 

Professional Teeth Cleaning

If there are no major concerns with your oral examination, your dental hygienist will proceed with giving your teeth and gums a clean using our EMS Airflow. When plaque builds up on your teeth, it turns into stubborn tartar which only special dentist tools can remove. These ultrasonic tools help provide a deep clean to your teeth and gums, including under the gumline. Once your teeth are squeaky clean, your treatment is finished off with a polish and fluoride treatment.

Creating Dental Habits That Last 

Often people do things that are harmful to their oral health, without realising. Nail biting, teeth grinding and consuming a diet high in sugar are examples of these things. A dental check-up is a great opportunity for your dentist to identify any issues caused by these habits. They can help you end habits that affect your oral health and help get you on track to improved oral health. 

When it comes to children, having dental check-ups from an early age is essential. It helps them build a relationship with their dentist, reduces dental anxiety and encourages good dental habits that last.

The Link Between Oral Health and General Health 

Often overlooked is the link between the health of your mouth to your general wellbeing. Poor oral health doesn’t only affect your ability to talk, eat and smile with confidence. It can also encourage problems in other parts of your body. The human body is more connected than many of us realise. 

An essential part of maintaining your and your family’s oral health is having a regular dental check-up. Having regular oral assessments and professional teeth cleaning can significantly increase your chances of preventing decay and gum disease. Both of which have been shown to have negative impacts that may extend beyond your mouth. 

At The Happy Tooth, we want to assist you and your family in achieving optimal oral health for a healthy and happy life.

Dental Check-Up FAQs

Our friendly front desk team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. For quick reference, here are the answers to some questions about dental check ups that we get asked often: 

How can I tell if my mouth is healthy? 

Some problems are hard to notice at home. This is why it is essential to have regular check-ups. For example, gum disease often may go unnoticed until it is in its advanced stages, at which point it is more difficult to treat.

What should I do to take care of my oral health between dental check-ups? 

Maintaining good oral hygiene is key to keeping your oral health in check between your dental appointments. A good oral hygiene regime should include twice-daily tooth brushing and daily flossing. Bacteria love to accumulate on your tongue, so don’t forget to brush it too! If you or your child are involved in contact sports, be sure to make use of a custom mouthguard to protect your mouth from injury. 

Are dental check-ups covered by my private health insurance? 

Dental check-ups fall under ‘general dental’, which may be a feature of your private health insurance policy. Any applicable limits or waiting periods will be specific to your provider and level of cover. We can provide you with the treatment codes to check with your insurer whether you’re covered and up to what amount. 

Is having a dental check-up painful? 

Having a dental check-up is a non-invasive procedure. Your check-up appointment involves your dentist examining your teeth and gums by looking at them. Where tools are used, it’s to help them get a better look at a particular tooth or area of your mouth and should not cause you any discomfort.

When having your teeth professionally cleaned, you may feel a small amount of pressure. But most patients report little to no discomfort at all during the cleaning process. Coming to see us for a dental check-up is nothing to be worried about. 

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