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Here at The Happy Tooth, we aim to provide a positive experience for you and your little one. The focus of the first appointment is to ensure your child feels safe and to familiarise them with the dental environment.

We recommend booking your child’s first dental appointment once a few teeth are visible or they turn 1. Not only will this encourage great oral hygiene habits but, it also ensures that no potential dental issues or early development problems go unnoticed. It is then important to have your child attend the dentist on a regular basis, generally every 6-12 months, to continue building a trusting relationship and to best detect tooth decay early on or preferably prevent it altogether.

Depending on how comfortable your child is, the first appointment will include a ride in the dental chair (which can be done on their caregiver’s lap), a brief look around their mouth and the opportunity for the caregiver to ask any questions they may have.

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What's happening with us

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