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Pregnancy & Oral Health


Regular dental check-ups up cleans are strongly advised if you are trying to fall or are already pregnant to minimise the chances of any infections in the mouth as they can pose a risk to you and/or your unborn baby.

Pregnancy does not cause damage to your teeth, but the changes in hormones, eating habits and body processes may increase your risk of dental problems during pregnancy, such as:

Vomiting and reflux – These actions cause stomach acids to come up into the mouth. These acids can cause a lot of damage to your teeth. If you are one of many that suffer from morning sickness there are a few easy ways to help your teeth like rinsing your mouth out with water straight after being sick and waiting at least 45 minutes before brushing your teeth. To get rid of that horrible taste in the meantime you can chew sugar-free gum, have a glass of milk or eat acid-neutralising food such as cheese.

Pregnancy Gingivitis – You can become more susceptible gum disease or, as it’s known during pregnancy, ‘pregnancy gingivitis’ which is inflammation of the gums causing them to be sore and often bleed when brushing and flossing. Don’t let this deter you, persevere and they will eventually calm down with regular cleaning.

Dry mouth – You’re more susceptible to getting a dry mouth, also known as ‘xerostomia’. This can contribute to pregnancy gingivitis which will eventually give you bad breath. You can keep dry mouth under control by keeping hydrated, trying to breathe through your nose and using dry mouth relief products such as Xylimelts.

Cravings – “Everything in moderation” is easier said than done whilst you’re pregnant. It is okay to enjoy some of the sugary goodness you are craving but since pregnancy gingivitis is so common it is important to try and limit the sweet, sugary snacks. Instead, try a piece of fruit, yoghurt or nuts.

Soft tissue changes – Although it not uncommon to experience lumps and bumps in your mouth when you’re pregnant it is important to have your Dentist check on them.

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