Understanding Sugar-Free Alternatives in Beverages

Are sugar-free alternative drinks better for me?

Although they contain no added sugar, they are still not the healthiest option for your oral health as they have a low pH level which makes them acidic. 

Frequent exposure to acids can cause tooth erosion over time, which is when the tooth structure deteriorates causing them to weaken and become susceptible to several issues such as sensitivity to hot and cold, easily fractured causing sharp edges which could irritate the tongue, it could also affect the overall appearance – as the outer layer of the tooth is worn away the teeth will appear darker.

Some helpful tips to best protect your teeth are:

– Avoid constant sipping throughout the day.

– Drinking water or milk afterwards to help neutralise the acidic effects.

– Waiting at least an hour before brushing your teeth.

– Chewing sugar-free gum to help stimulate saliva, which will assist in washing the acids off the teeth.

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