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Types of dental x-rays: Bite-wing

Bite-wing x-rays

A bite-wing x-ray is essentially a close-up of the molars & pre-molars. This type of x-ray is an important part of a dental exam as it is used to check for tooth decay between the teeth & the bone level surrounding the teeth. 

To monitor and to be as proactive as possible, this type of x-ray is usually taken once a year at your check-up appointment. Depending on your oral health your Dentist will let you know if you need them more frequently (every 6 months).

There is another type of x-ray, similar to a bite wing, called a periapical x-ray. This x-ray is used when you have a broken tooth or a toothache as it shows the entire tooth, right to the end of the root, so the Dentist can check for tooth decay, bone level and if an abscess has formed. A periapical x-ray is also used in root canal therapy and is required before having a tooth removed to assess the anatomy of the tooth.

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