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Types of dental x-rays – OPG


An OPG (Orthopantomagram), also known as a full mouth or a panoramic x-ray, gives a view of the entire mouth and is, generally, only needs to be taken every 2 years or so.

This type of x-ray is an important part of your dental check-up as it provides a good overall view of your mouth which helps your Dentist check the following:

– If there are any abscesses, cysts, or tumours.

– Jaw joints.

– The development and location of wisdom teeth.

– Severity of gum disease.

– Stages of tooth development in children.

– The location of teeth in relation to nerves, sinuses, and other facial structures.

– Tooth and bone fractures following an accident or injury causing damage to the face or mouth.

– If there are any missing or extra teeth.

– If there are any issues with past dental treatment.

The amount of radiation exposure from an OPG is extremely low, at only 10 or less microsieverts, which is less than a flight from Darwin to Perth.

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