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What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom Teeth

A wisdom tooth is the third adult molar and is generally the last of the teeth to present itself in the mouth, usually between the ages of 18-25. The majority of people have 4 wisdom teeth, one in each quadrant of the mouth, but it is common for them to only partially erupt or in some cases never erupt. There are also people who do not develop wisdom teeth at all and there are some that will develop only one, two or three.

The removal of some, if not all, wisdom teeth is very common as they can often cause issues, such as:

  • They are impacted, which means the tooth is unable to erupt fully, if at all, due to inadequate space.
  • If the tooth/teeth do erupt it may put pressure on the other teeth and may cause crowding.
  • They can be very difficult to clean due to how far back in the mouth they are, which causes a high risk of tooth decay and/or gum disease.
  •  If they only partially erupt, the gum covering the tooth can become infected as it is easy for food to get stuck underneath it.
  •  Development of a cyst or tumour.

If you have concerns about your wisdom teeth or would like more information, please contact us for an appointment on (02) 6571 5533

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